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Are you a DBA or Apps Newbie and want to become Apps DBA ?

You don't know how to become Oracle Apps DBA ?

Are looking some technical information in Apps ?

Are you looking for Apps Interview / Job Questions or Job ?

Do you want to learn Oracle E-Business Suite basics ?

Well if answer to any of these questions is YES then you are at right place. This Site is dedicated to Oracle Apps DBA's or Sysadmins .

Here are few very common & mostly used questions by my readers.

Why Oracle DBA should move from oracle DBA to Apps DBA ?

Apps DBA includes all responsibilities of ORACLE DBA plus Upgrade, Cloning, Patching, Upgrade so moving to apps dba means working on broader technology.

Which field is difficult to handle core DBA or Apps DBA ?

Both roles are quite challenging but if you comfortable & clear with technology & basic concepts nothing is difficult :)

Which career code DBA or Apps DBA has more opportunities & salary ?

There is enough opprotunity in both streams with good salary if you have right skills . Apps DBA is new as compared to core DBA & at this minute there are not enough Good Apps DBA's .Its quite difficult to compare salary & opprotunity but in my views you have better prospects as Apps DBA as this includes core DBA activities.

Most of you who are DBA's and want to become oracle apps dba are already expert in DBA activities, you just want to know Applications. How it works ? I when started my career , I had lots of How in my mind and If you really want to be an expert Oracle Apps DBA keep this questions always in your mind. How a service/component is working ? Focus on Architecture of Oracle Applications & that's Key of become successful Apps DBA.

Without talking too much further here, this site will cover overview of Oracle Applications Architecture, File System , Patching , Cloning and Troubleshooting . I will slowly cover Certification of Oracle Apps (DBA Path) including Sysadmins Responsibility. As I am not professional web designer pages on this site will come in phased manner & slowly this site will cover all topics related to Oracle apps dba 11i or Oracle Application System Administrator. On top menu bar you will see apps architecture, Installation & patching On your left menu bar you can find links to WebServer, Concurrent Manager, Cloning and Autoconfig Please don't forget to leave feedback ( Once forget page comes ;-) & Contact Us if you need any further information. So lets start with something very basics of Oracle Apps DBA i.e. What things Oracle Apps DBA's do. In most of pages you might see initially "Coming Soon" as I am alone currently need some time to put bits & pieces together.



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